Cementing Underground Gas Storage Wells

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Protect against loss of integrity in USG wells

Long-term zonal isolation is critical to the success of underground gas storage (UGS) wells. UGS wells are often close to urban areas, where strict environmental regulations require leak-free wells. Over a 2-year period, Schlumberger has successfully completed more than 10 UGS wells in Europe using advanced cementing technologies that protect against loss of well integrity.

Reduce the risk of unwanted gas migration

UGS well cement sheath damage caused by changes in temperature and pressure—and other factors—can allow hydrocarbons to migrate to the surface. Increased sustained casing pressure (SCP) and unwanted gas migration can be dangerous and expose owners to fines and other penalties. Effective zonal isolation is critical to ensure efficiency and environmental protection with UGS wells. 

Schlumberger technology includes products designed to minimize the risk of leaks from UGS wells. The following technologies can be used separately or together for an integrated solution.

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