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Highly mechanized and automated for hands-free drilling operation and tubular handling

Engineered with efficiency and safety top of mind, our advanced-technology land rigs incorporate multiple advanced technologies, including automated pipe handling and integrated lift-and-roll skidding systems.

High mobility

Our land rigs’ compact footprint and craneless rig-up ensure high mobility. Loads can be moved and rigged using standard trucks and trailers, and rig-up is mechanized with a skidding system incorporated into the design.


Mechanization and automation while tripping is enabled by a power catwalk, pipe handler, dual pipe tubs, stabbing and centralizer guide, power slips, floor winch, and hydraulic elevators.

Integration and modularity

Integration of key services—including the mud system, managed pressure drilling choke manifold, and solids control—during rig design reduces footprint and rig-up time.

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Advanced-Technology-Design Rig Specifications

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