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Choose the best drill bit for your application from the broadest portfolio in the oil and gas industry. Using the most advanced design technology, Smith Bits can optimize any bit to fit your specific drilling needs. Our IDEAS integrated drillbit design platform enables us to develop industry-leading bits that continually push the boundaries of performance and reliability for every application. Please contact your local representative to find out how we can help maximize your drilling solution.

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Drill Bits Contacts

18 Years of Record-Breaking Drillbit Performance

18 Years of Record-Breaking Drillbit Performance
For the 18th year in a row, Smith Bits has achieved more world records than any other drillbit company.
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Instant ROP Improvement from One Advanced Bit

AxeBlade Ridged Diamond Element Bit
Field tests of the AxeBlade bit have demonstrated up to 29% improvement in ROP compared with similar bit designs using conventional PDC cutters, saving significant rig time and drilling costs. Visit AxeBlade Ridged Diamond Element Bit page