Record-Breaking Performance for Drill Bits

Smith Bits achieves the most drillbit world records—18 years in a row

For the 18th year, Smith Bits has been recognized for achieving more world records than any other drill bit company.

Each year since 1999, Hart Energy’s E&P documents drillbit records data for different types and sizes of bits in three categories—single-run footage, cumulative footage, and ROP. Data is verified by bit run sheets from drilling contractors and operators.

In the 2015 review, Smith Bits set 53% of the global records recorded by the drill bit industry–more than all other bit companies combined–with 595 of the 1,123 world records.

World-record achievements

Schlumberger currently holds the longest single-run footage worldwide at 32,586 ft [9,932 m] with an 8.5-in milled tooth bit in Qatar, as well as the highest cumulative footage worldwide with a PDC bit drilling 358,307 ft [109,212 m] with a 6.25-in PDC bit in Alberta, Canada.

Comprehensive service line

We attribute this long-standing success to the continued reliability of our complete portfolio of traditional bit types and the R&D advancements that enabled our new-technology bits.

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18 Years of Record-Breaking Drillbit Performance

18 Years of Record-Breaking Drillbit Performance
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