Cutter Technology

Advanced cutter technology for drilling farther, longer

Smith Bits offers a variety of cutters for every application. From increasing speed to improving distance, there is a cutter technology designed for your specific drilling needs. Using the IDEAS integrated drillbit design platform, cutter configurations are adjusted for specific applications to deliver optimized results.

Stinger Conical Diamond Element

Fracture rock faster with a conical diamond element, placed either across the bit face or at the bit's center.

FireStorm PDC Cutter Technology

Maintain superior high wear resistance and thermal stability while increasing impact resistance by more than 20%.

RockStorm PDC Cutter Technology


Ruggedize cutting structures with ultrahard engineered materials that withstand hostile downhole conditions.

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Smith Bits Technologies Design Ultradurable Drill Bits

IDEAS Integrated Drillbit Design Platform brochure Our bits are designed to cut through all types of formations with high performance. Visit Engineered Drillstring Design page