FireStorm PDC Cutter Technology

Wear-resistant high-impact PDC cutter technology

Improving upon previous PDC cutter technology, FireStorm technology maintains superior high wear resistance and thermal stability while increasing impact resistance by more than 20%.

More durability and longer cutter life

FireStorm technology delivers improved ROP and footage for more durability and extended cutter life.

  • Improved resistance to delamination between diamond table and substrate
  • Better resistance to spalling of diamond table
FireStorm Wear-resistant high-impact PDC cutter technology

Cutters using previous-generation PDC technology can suffer premature damage in hard applications.

Cutters using FireStorm technology feature greater impact resistance for longer, more efficient drilling.

In application after application, FireStorm technology brings drilling efficiency to all formations—including hard, interbedded, and abrasive formations.

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Maintain a Sharp Edge

FireStorm Wear-Resistant High-Impact PDC Cutter Technology
Achieve more footage, greater ROP, and improved dull condition with FireStorm technology—as an enhancement to existing bit designs or integrated into new designs. Download brochure