Stinger Conical Diamond Element

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Innovative diamond element increases drilling speed, improves stability in hard-to-drill formations

Stinger conical diamond elements uniquely combine an aggressive conical shape with superior impact strength and wear resistance. Used in different ways on a bit, the elements enable longer and faster runs, better steerability and stability, and larger cuttings in a wide range of applications.

Advanced rock destruction mechanism

Whereas conventional PDC cutters are cylindrical and shear the formation, Stinger elements have a sharper conical shape that exerts an ultrahigh-concentrated force, fracturing high-compressive-strength rock more efficiently. This unique method of rock destruction also drills with less torque and generates larger cuttings than conventional PDC cutters.

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Enhanced bit durability

Stinger elements have twice the diamond thickness of conventional PDC cutters. This, combined with proprietary manufacturing techniques, are what give Stingers their superior impact strength and wear resistance. Combining this capability with the Stinger element’s unique conical geometry results in a cutting element that significantly increases bit durability, enabling bits to drill farther and faster through challenging formations.

Custom-designed solutions

Stinger elements can be placed on a bit in different ways based on your drilling objectives.

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Field-Proven Bits that Withstand Hard Formations

In field tests of more than 750 runs, StingBlade bits consistently delivered improved footage and ROP in challenging drilling applications that caused impact damage to PDC bits. Visit StingBlade Conical Diamond Element Bits page