IDEAS Integrated Dynamic Design and Analysis Platform

Date Title Challenge Products
Feb 2018 Staged Hole Opener BHA Eliminates One Run and Reduces Planned AFE by 2 Days, Offshore Russia DrillMAP, IDEAS, PERFORM Toolkit, Drilling Office
Oct 2017 AxeBlade Bit Helps Operator Save USD 75,000, Volgograd Region of Russia AxeBlade, IDEAS, Stinger
Sep 2017 LUKOIL Reduces Section Construction Time by 80% with Direct XCD Drillable Alloy Casing Bit Direct XCD, IDEAS
Jun 2017 ONGC Increases ROP by 100% Using a StingBlade Bit with RockStorm Technology, Offshore India StingBlade, RockStorm, IDEAS
Oct 2016 ROP Improved 42% Using AxeBlade Ridged Diamond Element Bit in a Single Run, Oman Axe, AxeBlade, IDEAS
Jan 2016 Integrated BHA Solution Reduces Drilling Time by 18 Days in Vertical Exploration Well, Onshore Indonesia i-DRILL, IDEAS, PowerDrive Xceed, sonicVISION, geoVISION, TeleScope
Jul 2016 BP Saves More Than USD 1 Million and 24 Days Off of AFE with RockStorm PDC Cutter Technology DBOS, IDEAS, RockStorm
Apr 2016 Integrated Drilling Approach Saves Shell USD 1.1 Million, Achieves Record 275-ft/h ROP Salt Drilling Performance Deep Water IDEAS, PowerV
May 2011 PDC Completes First Single-Run Drilling of 12 1/4-in Section in Ghana’s Challenging Jubilee Field Deep Water ONYX PDC Cutters
Mar 2011 Spear Drill Bit Saves USD 365,000 in Haynesville Shale Well Unconventional Resources Spear
Mar 2011 La barrena de perforación Spear permite un ahorro de USD 365 000 en un pozo de la lutita Haynesville Unconventional Resources Spear
Apr 2011 Spear Drill Bit Saves USD 175,000 and 2.7 d of Rig Time in Marcellus Shale Well Unconventional Resources Spear