i-Design Interactive Drillbit Design Customization

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Instantly customize and simulate your drillbit design, anywhere

i-Design interactive drillbit design customization brings the bit design process to you as Smith Bits technical representatives run real-time simulations from the IDEAS integrated design platform in your office or at the wellsite. The on-site access allows you to receive instant feedback on how your design changes affect the rock/cutter interface and bit performance in real time. 

Develop high-quality bit designs through on-site collaboration 

Bit customization is a collaborative process between you and your Smith Bits representative, enabling you to develop high-quality drillbit solutions by contributing first-hand knowledge gained from your previous bit runs. Changes to the cutting structure can be modeled and tested in real-time simulations to identify the best configuration and blade count for the targeted formations. 

Reduce design and delivery time of customized PDC bit by half

i-Design interactive drillbit design customization enables you to see the results of iterative cutting structure changes in real time and provide input to improve bit designs to maximize performance. When the design process is completed, the new bit design is loaded directly into the manufacturing queue. An automated tracking system provides email updates as the bit moves through key points, allowing you to track your bit’s manufacturing progress. Since all changes using i-Design customization are pre-approved, the new design is placed directly into the queue, reducing the time it takes to deliver a customized PDC bit to the rig site by as much as 50%.

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Real-Time Simulation Optimizes Drillbit Design

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