i-Design Interactive Drillbit Design Customization

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Fast optimization process with real-time simulations and previous run data

i-Design interactive customization can use an area's best performing PDC bit or one of your choice as a starting point. A prejob study uses offset performance to identify areas for improvement with data from well logs, bit records, and surface operating parameters. Next, a formation type is selected from our extensive IDEAS platform rock-file catalog, and adjustments are made to the cutting structure using a predetermined set of eligible changes including

  • gauge geometry
  • managed depth-of-cut
  • backup cutters
  • back-reaming cutters
  • hydraulics.

Simulations are run using your selected penetration rates and rpm values to quantify contact forces and wear characteristics on the cutting structure in normal and circumferential directions. The real-time data enables you and your Smith Bits representative to instantly analyze the effects of different designs and adjust bit aggressiveness and durability to achieve high ROP with maximum run length.

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Real-Time Simulation Optimizes Drillbit Design

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