Bits with Unique Cutting Elements

Intelligent by Design approach—better bit performance begins with better cutting performance

Despite being more rugged with wider drilling applications, PDC bits can experience extreme wear that slows ROP and increases NPT. Yet, it’s from these small cutting components that Schlumberger developed big results.


It starts with something small

We incorporated unique geometries into our cutting element designs that do what standard PDC cutters cannot—outlast long-interval drilling in hard formations, revolve 360° to evenly disperse wear and heat, and deliver high impact and continuously crush and shear rock, while improving borehole quality.

Unique-geometry cutting elements put the intelligence into our new-technology bits. They reduce wear and the number of bit trips, thus reducing NPT and decreasing costs. This enables a wide range of innovative, dynamic drill bits that can withstand the hardest formations, the most complex wellbore strategies, and the most hostile downhole conditions.

HyperBlade Hyperbolic Diamond Element Bit

EnduroBlade 360 Rolling Diamond Element Bit

AxeBlade Ridged Diamond Element Bit

Increase ROP and enhance directional control with our newest 3D cutting element.

StingBlade Conical Diamond Element Bit

Significantly improve footage and ROP in hard-to-drill formations through the strategic placement of Stinger conical diamond elements across the bit face.


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Specialty Bit Helps BP Exceed ROP Expectations by up to 100 Percent

Specialty Bit Helps BP Exceed ROP Expectations by up to 100 Percent, Oklahoma
Customized bit design helps operator overcome high DLS while hitting target blocks in single run in Oklahoma. Read case study