HyperBlade Hyperbolic Diamond Element Bit

Hyperbolic shape and armored cutting edge increase ROP and maintain steerability in plastic formations

The HyperBlade bit is the latest advancement in PDC bit technology from Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company. It incorporates the Hyper hyperbolic diamond cutting element developed by Schlumberger to meet specific challenges operators encounter while drilling soft and plastic formations, while adding to an industry-leading portfolio of bits with unique cutting elements.

In soft and plastic formations, cutting efficiency can be compromised with flat PDC cutters due to severe bit balling as long ribbons of cuttings material pack off the bit cutting structure. The Hyper element minimizes the effect of bit balling by creating small cuttings chips with its hyperbolic geometry, giving the resulting HyperBlade bit improved ROP of more than 21% on average, as compared with flat PDC cutters.

Leading 3D element design produces application-specific advantages

The distinctive hyperbolic shape delivers a more positive rake that cuts 20% deeper into rock compared with flat PDC cutters. A thicker, precision-molded diamond table makes the Hyper element tougher and more durable. And the armored cutting edge withstands formation transitions. Bit balling is mitigated by a combination of the hyperbolic shape and the chip-breaking profile at the center of the element, which improves cuttings removal. This also helps the HyperBlade bit maintain steerabilty with better tracking.

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