PDC Bit with ONYX 360 Rolling Cutters

Revolutionary cutting technology for extended durability

The ONYX 360 rolling PDC cutter substantially increases PDC bit durability by revolving 360°. Positioned in the highest-wear areas of the cutting structure, the revolving cutters use the entire diamond edge to drill the formation. The cutter's rotating action allows the cutter's diamond edge to stay sharper longer, extending ONYX 360 cutter life far beyond that of premium fixed cutters. 

Using insights gained from the deployment of the 13-mm ONYX 360 cutter, a 16-mm cutter size was developed to provide increased strength and durability. The larger cutter size features improved materials and design to increase run length and penetration rates in even the most aggressive of applications.

When compared with fixed-cutter bits, PDC bits with ONYX 360 cutters demonstrated run length increases of up to 57%, resulting in fewer bit trips and lower drilling costs.

Chesapeake Energy Increases Run Footage and Reduces NPT in Abrasive Formation, Onshore Louisiana

The operator gained 1,500 ft in the intermediate section using a bit fitted with 16-mm ONYX 360 cutters. Read case study

Unique rolling cutter design ensures reliability

To produce a rolling cutter capable of being integrated into a PDC bit’s cutting structure, Smith Bits R&D engineers developed a specialized integrated housing that is brazed into the bit blade. This design encloses and secures the cutter while allowing it to rotate.

Using the IDEAS integrated design platform, engineers can determine the rolling cutter’s optimal orientation in the blade relative to its contact with the formation. This precise positioning, coupled with the bit’s drilling force, drives efficient rotation of the cutter. And because the entire diamond edge of the cutter is used, wear is reduced for more sustained rates of penetration.

The introduction of the 16-mm cutter size provides additional design flexibility and cutting structure configuration options to optimize the bit design for the most demanding applications.

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ONYX 360 Cutter Saves More Than 2 Days and USD 454,200

Integrated drillbit design platform optimizes PDC bit to drill 324 ft in Mirador Formation, increases run footage by 116%. Read case study

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