PDC Bit with ONYX 360 Rolling Cutters

Date Title Challenge Products Publication
Apr 2017 Novel Drill Bits Break New Ground, Improve Well Economics Unconventional Resources StingBlade, ONYX 360, AxeBlade American Oil & Gas Reporter
Apr 2017 Intelligent By Design: Unique Geometry Cutting Elements Optimize Drilling AxeBlade, Axe, ONYX 360, Stinger, StingBlade E&P online
Nov 2014 Getting Ready to Roll Unconventional Resources Oilfield Technology
Jul 2014 Rolling PDC Cutter Enhances Drill Bit Life in Granite Wash Runs ONYX 360 Drilling Contractor
Oct 2013 Harsh, Complex Formations, Longer Laterals Drive Innovation ONYX 360 World Oil
Aug 2013 Rolling PDC Cutter Can Improve Drill Bit Durability ONYX 360 E&P
Apr 2013 New Bits Speed Drilling in Unconventional Plays Unconventional Resources ONYX 360, Stinger, SHARC American Oil & Gas Reporter
Feb 2013 PDC Drill Bit Innovations Drive Performance in Challenging Zones Unconventional Resources ONYX 360 E&P