StingBlade Conical Diamond Element Bit

Superior drilling performance in hard-to-drill applications

Leveraging the superior impact and wear resistance of Stinger elements, StingBlade bits improve footage drilled and rate of penetration while maintaining greater toolface control and minimizing shock in challenging drilling applications that can cause impact damage to conventional bits.

During field testing of more than 750 runs in 14 different countries, StingBlade bits averaged 55% increase in footage with 30% increase in ROP compared with offsets.


Progress Energy Increases ROP 95%, Saves USD 178,500 Using StingBlade Bit in Montney Play

Conical diamond element bit drills 181% more footage compared with nearby offset wells in hard and abrasive formation, British Columbia.
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Significantly improve footage and ROP

Stinger elements apply a significantly higher concentrated point load on the rock, and the elements’ thicker diamond table enhances impact strength and wear resistance. This combination enables StingBlade bits to significantly improve footage and ROP, boosting performance. In the Permian basin, StingBlade bits increased footage up to 77% with corresponding ROP increases up to 29%.
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Enhance build rates and toolface control

StingBlade bits drill with less overall torque than PDC bits, reducing reactive torque fluctuations. This allows StingBlade bits to yield higher build rates, to stay on target better, and to achieve directional drilling objectives in less time. StingBlade bits in South Texas achieved 23% higher build rates and reduced torque in an interbedded curve application.
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Mitigate BHA shock and vibration

Because Stinger elements have a more balanced cutting response, StingBlade bits consistently drill with less shock and vibration, enabling longer runs at higher ROPs, prolonging the life of the bit and other BHA components. Compared with that of conventional PDC bits, StingBlade bits can produce 53% fewer lateral and 37% fewer axial vibrations.
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Perform accurate surface formation evaluation

The concentrated point loading of Stinger elements enables StingBlade bits to generate larger cuttings, which can be analyzed for accurate identification of mineralogy, porosity, permeability, and hydrocarbon shows at the rigsite. In Kazakhstan, while reducing mud replacements and maintaining optimal drilling speeds, wellsite geologists used StingBlade bits to obtain larger cutting sizes of chert-inclusive hard carbonates to identify lithology types and properties.
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StingBlade Bit Surpasses PDC in Challenging Applications

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