StingBlade Conical Diamond Element Bit

Date Title SrvLine/Func Area
Sep 2017 ENAP SIPEC Uses StingBlade Bit to Set ROP Record in East Basin, Ecuador Drill Bits South America
Jun 2017 ONGC Increases ROP by 40% to Save 15.7 Rig Days Using StingBlade Bit Drill Bits South and East Asia
Jun 2016 StingBlade Bit Enables Drilling Trap Interval in One Run, Saving 40 Hours Versus AFE Drill Bits Russia and Central Asia
Apr 2016 Greatwall Drilling Company Saves 28 Drilling Days and USD 812,000 in West Kazakhstan Drill Bits Russia and Central Asia
Apr 2016 Operator Saves 7.5 h and Increases Overall On-Bottom ROP 39.2% with StingBlade Bit Drill Bits United States
Mar 2016 Operator Cuts 20 Drilling Days, Saves USD 360,000 and Reaches Interval TD in Abrasive Formation Drill Bits Russia and Central Asia
Feb 2016 StingBlade Bit Drills 1,209 m to TD in One Run, Saves Total USD 240,000 Offshore Indonesia Drill Bits Australia and Indonesia
Mar 2016 StingBlade Bit Helps Drill 121/4-in Section Shoe to Shoe in One Run, a First in the Rumaila Field, Iraq Drill Bits Middle East
Jan 2016 StingBlade Bit Saves 28 Days of Rig Time and Associated Costs Compared with Offset Well Drill Bits Russia and Central Asia
Oct 2014 Field Test of StingBlade Bit Confirms 23% Higher Build Rates, Reduced Torque in Interbedded Curve Drill Bits United States
Oct 2014 Excellent Drilling Stability and Efficiency Verified in Interbedded Vertical Application Drill Bits United States