PDC Bit with Central Stinger Element

Add innovative diamond element to the center of any Smith PDC bit to increase ROP and improve stability

The Stinger conical diamond element provides an innovative cutting structure enhancement that significantly increases any Smith PDC bit’s performance. Located at the bit’s center, the element enacts a high point load on the formation to fracture rock more efficiently with increased durability and ROP.

In field tests comparing standard Smith PDC bits with Smith PDC bits fitted with a Stinger element, the bits with a Stinger element demonstrated greater durability and stability while increasing ROP as much as 46%.

Stinger elements have been run more than 2,000 times and consistently achieve an average ROP increase in the order of 15%.

PDC Bit with Stinger Element Drills More Than 9,600 Feet in One Run in Bakken Shale

Drilling long, single-run laterals sets operator record and improves trajectory control in Williston basin. Read case study

Optimized cutting structure answers borehole center challenges

Because the rotational velocity of conventional PDC cutters decreases with their proximity to the center of the cutting structure, they are least effective at removing rock from the center of the borehole, especially in hard formations. Additionally, center cutters bear the highest load, meaning that operational and formation changes can cause destructive lateral vibrations and cutter damage.

Using the IDEAS integrated drillbit design platform, bit designers shortened the blades that held the PDC bit’s low-velocity center cutters. The absence of these cutters allows a stress-relieved column of rock to develop while drilling, which the center-placed Stinger element continuously crushes and fractures, thereby improving drilling efficiency. The stability demonstrated by bits with a Stinger element is a positive dynamic that improves borehole quality, reduces stress on drillstring components, and increases BHA reliability.

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