Kinetic Diamond-Impregnated Drill Bits

Withstand the most rigorous drilling conditions

Designed for hard, abrasive formations, Kinetic diamond-impregnated drill bits use application-specific materials to withstand the most rigorous drilling conditions. They are capable of drilling out float equipment and are also effective when softer formations are encountered. To optimize durability and ROP, these bits are built with:

  • grit hot pressured inserts
  • polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters
  • thermally stable polycrystalline diamonds
  • diamond-impregnated matrix materials.

Engineered hydraulics reduce need for bit trips

Kinetic bits use a combination of central flow fluid distribution and specifically placed ports to enhance bit cooling and cleaning. This feature is especially important when bits are used in softer formations. Kinetic hydraulics make effective drilling possible in a mix of lithologies at high ROPs. Kinetic hydraulics also reduce the need to trip to change bit type.

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Integrated System Delivers
One-Trip Openhole Sidetrack

Kinetic drill bit attached directly to the Trackmaster OH whipstock, powered with a Neyrfor Delta turbodrill.
An integrated drilling system, including a Kinetic bit, provided an operator in Oklahoma with an openhole sidetrack and 75° curve. Read case study


Kinetic Nomenclature
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