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Maximize ROP and dynamic stability

A range of drill bits, either steel- or matrix-bodied, featuring fixed PDC cutters that minimize wear on cutting structures for higher ROP. Designed in our advanced drillbit design platform, Smith PDC bits are optimized for dynamic stability across a wide range of demanding vertical and directional drilling applications.

Meet drilling objectives in a wide range of applications

Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits deliver premium performance and durability for a wide range of standard drilling applications. These matrix- and steel-bodied bits incorporate the latest cutter technology, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), enhanced hydraulics, and various structure geometries to maximize ROP.

Bits with Unique-Geometry Cutting Elements

Drill farther and more efficiently with less wear and greater stability by using specialized cutting elements that do what conventional PDC cutters cannot. Learn more

Keep directional wells on target

For both push- and point-the-bit rotary steerable systems (RSSs), Smith PDC drill bits improve performance and reduce risk to keep directional wells on target.

Custom-engineer bits for extended life

Every directional PDC bit achieves directional certification through the IDEAS integrated drillbit design platform, meaning dynamic stability across a wide range of directional applications. Directional PDC bits are modified for  specific applications, so the possibility of unstable bit design is eliminated. Blade count, cutter layout, and hydraulic configuration are all optimized for full bottomhole coverage, higher loads per cutter, and maximum ROP.

Spear Shale-Optimized Steel-Body PDC Bit

Drill curve and long lateral sections efficiently in shale plays with application-specific PDC bits.

SHARC High-Abrasion-Resistance PDC Bit

Direct XCD Drillable Alloy Casing Bit

Quad-D Dual-Diameter Bit

Maintain borehole quality in vertical and directional applications.

Lyng PDC

Viking Bits

Overcome the challenges of Russian applications with specifically-engineered PDC bits.

Staged Hole Opener

Quad-D Reamer

CT Plus Coiled Tubing Bits

Optimize performance during plug milling operations.

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Casing While Drilling Vertical Wells in One Run

Direct XCD Casing Bit
Bronze and copper alloy body enables efficient drillout of Direct XCD bit.

Smith Bits Technologies Design Ultradurable Drill Bits

IDEAS Integrated Drillbit Design Platform brochure Our bits are designed to cut through all types of formations with high performance. Visit Engineered Drillstring Design page