Direct XCD Drillable Alloy Casing Bit

Drillable bit adds to casing drilling efficiency

The cutting structure of the Direct XCD casing bit can be fitted with 13-, 16-, or 19-mm PDC cutters, which are available in standard or premium grades. The body of the bit is a copper bronze alloy, allowing it to be drilled out after it drills to TD and the casing has been cemented in place. The Direct XCD bit can be drilled out with any standard PDC bit, allowing the drillout bit to continue drilling the next interval, eliminating a dedicated drillout run.

Direct XCD

PDC bit increases wellbore strength

Drilling with the Direct XCD casing bit smears cuttings into the borehole wall, resulting in an action termed the plastering effect, which strengthens wellbores for improved cementing.

In a field case, lost circulation resulted in two unsuccessful attempts to reach bottom using conventional drillstrings. On the third attempt, the operator used a Direct XCD casing bit. Its signature plastering effect eliminated lost circulation issues and produced a high-quality wellbore.
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Casing While Drilling Vertical Wells in One Run

Direct XCD Casing Bit
Bronze and copper alloy body enables efficient drillout of Direct XCD bit.
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