Directional PDC Drill Bits

Keep directional wells on target

For both push- and point-the-bit rotary steerable systems (RSSs), directional PDC drill bits improve performance and reduce risk to keep directional wells on target. 

Individual drillbit design extends bit life

Every directional PDC bit achieves directional certification through the IDEAS integrated drillbit design platform, meaning dynamic stability across a wide range of directional applications. Directional PDC bits are modified for their specific applications, so the possibility of unstable bit design is eliminated. Blade count, cutter layout, and hydraulic configuration are all optimized for full bottomhole coverage, higher loads per cutter, and maximum ROP.

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Integrated BHA Drills Sidetrack in One Run

Horizontal sidetrack well, each section drilled in one run.
The integrated BHA drilled a 8 1/2-in section in one run for an average ROP of 56.8 m/h offshore Thailand. 
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Directional PDC Drill Bits Nomenclature
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