Directional PDC Drill Bits

Available Directional Tools 
4 3/4 in MDi511
4 7/8 in MDi511, MDi413
5" MDi613
5 1/2 in MDi613
5 5/8 in MDi613, MDi813
5 3/4 in MDi613, MDi813, MD611
5 7/8 in MDi713, MDi613, MDi513, MDi516
6" MDi613, MDi713, MDi711, MDi611, MDi513, MDi516, MDi613BPXWLG, MDi616, MDi613BQSPXG, MDi413, MDi609, SDi713, MDi713T, MD613
6 1/8 in MDi513, MDi416, MDi516, MDi711, MDi413, MDi613, MDi611, MDi513BPXUL, MDiR613, MDi519, MDi609, MDi511
6 1/4 in MDi613, MDi513, MDi413
6 1/2 in MDi313, MDi513, MDi711, MDi516, MDi611
6 5/8 in MDi611, MDi616
6 3/4 in MDi511, MDi513, MD611, SDi516, MDiR513, MDi613LWBPXG, MDi613, MDi711, SDi511, MDi516, SDi413, MDi413, SDi513, MDi711BNSPX, MDi516BNPXL, MTDi613, MDi616
7" MDi613
7 7/8 in MDi513, MDi516, MDi616, MDi619, SDi513, MDi613
8 1/4 in MDi616
8 3/8 in MDi519, MDi516, MDi513, MDi816, MDi616, MDi716
8 1/2 in MDi516, SDi413, MDi716, MDi616BPXL, MDi616PXL, MDi616, MDi513, MDi419, SDi616, MDi613, SDi519, MDi813, MDi713, MDi816T, MDi619, MDi816, MDi316, MD519, MD616, MDi716T, MDi613T, MD619, MDi719, SDi313, SDi513, MDi516T, MDi519, MDi313, MDCi516, MDi616BPXLG, MDi611, SDi419, MDi319, MDCiR713
8 5/8 in MDi516, MDi419, MDi613
8 11/16 in MDi419, MDi613, MDi616
8 3/4 in MDi613, SDi313, SDi513, MDi516, MDi513, MDi519, MDi616, MDi716, MDi711, MD616, MDi813, MDi611, SDi516, MDi813PXW, MDi813BPXW, MDi416, MDi419, SDi616, SDi519
9 1/4 in MDi616
9 1/2 in MDi519, MDi419, MDi616, MDi716
9 7/8 in MDi619, MDi613, MDi519, SDi516, MDi516, MDi616, MDi613T
10 3/8 in MDi519
10 1/2 in MDi616
10 5/8 in MDi616, MDi816, MDi813, MDi716, MDi516
11 1/2 in MDi716
11 5/8 in SD516, MDi516, MDi616, MDi419, MDi613, MDi813, SDi419, SDi616, SDi516
12" MDi716, MDi616
12 1/4 in MDi616, MDi813, MDi716, MDi716T, MD519, MDi619, MD916, MDi516, MDi719, SDi519, SDi419, MDi616T, MDi816, SDi616, MDi519, MDi516T, MDi713, MDi613, SDi619, MDi419, MDi416
13 1/2 in MDi519, SDi619, MDi616, SDi616, MDi619, MDi813
13 3/4 in MDi816
14" MDi519
14 1/2 in MDi619T, MDi619, MDi813, MDi816, MDi616, MDi716
14 3/4 in MDi716, MDi516, MDi519, MDi619, MDi813, SDi619, MDi616, MD616, MDi713
16" MDi619, SD519, SDi619, MDi616, SDi519, MDi813, MDi716
16 3/8 in MDi619
16 1/2 in MDi716, MDi619, MDi813, MDi813T, SDi519, SD419
17" MDi616, MD619, MDi816, MDi519
17 1/2 in MDi816, MDi619, MDi616, SDi619, SDi616, SDi419, SDi519, MDi716, MDi916, SDi816, MDi519, SDi716
18 1/8 in MDi816, MDi716, SDi816
18 1/4 in MDi816, MDi619, MDi616
18 1/2 in SDi616, SDi519
26" SDi816

Integrated BHA Drills Sidetrack in One Run

Horizontal sidetrack well, each section drilled in one run.
The integrated BHA drilled a 8 1/2-in section in one run for an average ROP of 56.8 m/h offshore Thailand. 
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Directional PDC Drill Bits Nomenclature
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