Lyng PDC

Bit designs for motor & rotary steerable applications

Lyng Drilling, a Schlumberger company, produces drillbit technology for the North Sea. We are an ISO-certified company that maintains cutting-edge product development. Our ability to tailor-make drill bits for individual wells allow for lower drilling costs and enhanced drilling capability.

Lyng Drilling has extensive experience with designing PDC bits for motor and rotary steerable applications. Balancing the key drillbit properties of steerability, stability, and durability allow for successful bit designs in individual applications.

Antiballing Coating

Eliminate bit balling in clay/shale formations.

Rotary Steerable Bit Gauge Design

Torque Tune

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IDEAS Design Platform Simulates Full Drillstring

IDEAS Integrated Drillbit Design Platform
IDEAS design platform delivers a true understanding of the dynamics of the rock-cutter interface for designing and building bits that set high performance standards.
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