Rotary Steerable Bit Gauge Design

Active Gauge Bit

To optimize performance, Lyng Drilling offers rotary steerable gauge design for individual drill bits. Since drill bits used with the PowerDrive rotary steerable system (RSS) are laterally responsive for generation of the required doglegs, Lyng ensures they have active gauges, which are critical for effective side-cutting.

An active gauge bit consists of cutters on the leading edge of the gauge pads and a passive pad trailing the cutters. The side-cutting potential of the bit can be adjusted by changing the length, width, and level, relative to the cutting edge of the passive pad.

Bit contributes to 4,706 m drilled

On the Gullfaks A platform, a well path to the Gultopp structure 9 km from the rig center required a long tangent section. The plan included building from 75 to 82.5° and holding the inclination to section TD.

The 12 1/4-in section was drilled with PowerDrive 900 RSS and a 13 1/2-in underreamer 45 m behind the bit. The 4,706-m section was drilled in a single run with an average ROP of 29.6 m/h, representing one of the longest single runs on a PowerDrive 900 assembly. Although several hard limestone stringers were encountered toward the end of the run at the high tangent angle, the bit was stable and generated a smooth torque response. A trip was planned and expected, but found to be unnecessary.

The LM7633D2 bit and PowerDrive 900 combination was the key factor for success in this long and highly inclinated section. The well was drilled 19 d faster than the budget time and 10 d faster than the technical limit.

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Gauge Design Ensures Effective Side-Cutting

Rotary Steerable Bit Gauge Design
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