Torque Tune

Avoid Sudden Torque Spikes

In the torque tune feature, simulation software is used to select a cutter structure, and the cutters are oriented to enable control of the reactive torque and reduce stick/slip generated by the bit.

To avoid sudden torque spikes due to sudden changes in weight on bit (WOB), Lyng Drilling uses depth-of-cut limiting features, including

  • impact arrestors, protrusions behind the cutter and on top of ribs
  • recess of cutters into ribs, less than half of cutter sticking out of ribs.

Torque tune principle applied in Mexico

Based on previous experience in the Chicontepec area, a new bit was specially designed for Tajin, a Mexican field operated by the Schlumberger Integrated Project Management (IPM) team.

The LM5342M1 is a 6 3/4-in motor bit that was designed applying the Lyng torque tune principle. The company used simulation software to choose the optimal cutter structure and orientation. The new drill bit drilled 1,506 m at 44 m/h, establishing a new record, and saving over 40 h.

Throughout the section comprised of shales and sands with hard stringers, the BHA showed good stability and directional control.

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Simulation Ensures Consistent Torque Response

Torque TuneTorque TuneTorque Tune
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