SHARC High-Abrasion-Resistance PDC Bit

Available SHARC Tools 
4 1/2 in MSi609
5 5/8 in MSi711
5 3/4 in MDSi713, MDSi613, MSi711
5 7/8 in MDSi613, MDSi713, MS713, MST913, MS613, MDSi509, MSi711
6" MDSi613, MSi613, MSi711, MSi616, MDSi516, MTSi613, MDSi713, MSi713, MDSi509, MDSi513, MSi413PX, MSi813, SDSi516
6 1/8 in MDSi513, MSi613, MDSi509, MDSi613, MSi713, MDSi516, MDSi413, MSi513, MSi711, MSi516, MSi611, MSi813, MSi416, MDSi613BPXX, MSi616
6 1/4 in MSi513, MSi516, MSi613, MSi711, MSi713, MDSi613, MDSi711
6 1/2 in MSi713, MSi613, MDSi811BNPXWG, MST913, MSi516, MDSi811, MSi813, MSi616
6 5/8 in MSi613, MDSi616
6 3/4 in MDSi513, MSi416, MDSi613, MSi613, MSi413, MDSi516, MSi616, MSi516, MSi713
7 1/2 in MSi716
7 5/8 in MSi716
7 7/8 in MSi616, MDSi616, MDSi613, MSi713, MDSi713, MSi613, MSi619, MDSi516, MSi516, MSi513, MSi416, MDSi613PX, MSi816, MSi716, MSi519, SSi716, MDSi716
8 1/4 in MSi616, MDSi816
8 3/8 in MDSi816, MSi616, MDSi716, MSi816, MDSi616, MDSi813, MSi619, MST913, MDSi713, MS816, MAX89
8 1/2 in MS616, MDSi713, MDSi519, MDSi516, MSi716, MSi616, MDSi716, MSi813, MDSi616, MDSi513, MDSi913, SDSi516, MDSi416, MDSi716LPXWL, MDSi716LUBKPXXUL, MDSi713LUBKPXUL, MDSi613, MSi516, SDSi713, MDSi616LBPXL, MDSi613BPX, MSi519, MDSi711, MST913, MSi613, MDSi816, MDSi813, MDSi619, MSi619, MSi816, MSi316, SDSi616, MDSi419, MSi816T, SSi716, MSi416
8 5/8 in MDSi713, MDSi716, MDSi616
8 11/16 in MDSi616, MDSi713, MDSi716
8 3/4 in MSi616, MDSi616, MDSi516, MSi619, MDSi713, MSi516, MDSi613, MDSi716, MSi813, MDSi519, MSi516PXG, MSi613, MDSi916PXWG, MDSi813, MDSi619, MSi719, MDSi913, MSi519, MDSi713MPXM, MSi813MNPXWM, MDSi613LPXL, MDSi513, MDSi616PX, MSi716, MS713, MSi416, MSi816, MSi713, MSi913, MSi513, MSi913PXW, MSi713PX, MSi613UPXU, MDSi613UPXU, MDSi613UEPXU, MS419, MDSi613LMUSSPXULM, MDSi711
9 1/4 in MDSi616
9 1/2 in MDSi716, MDSi616, MSi616, MDSi519, MSi516
9 7/8 in MDSi713, MDSi613, MSi716, MDSi616, MDSi816, MSi616, MSi813, MSi816, MSi516, MSi713, MDSi716, MDSi416, MSi519, SSi516
10 1/4 in MDSi813, MDSi716, MDSi716T, MDSi616
10 3/8 in MDSi716LBPXL
10 5/8 in MDSi813, MDSi716, MDSi616, MDSi613, MSi713, MSi516, MSi616, MDSi716T
11" SSi616
11 5/8 in MDSi616, SDSi616, SDSi516, MDSi716, MDSi516
12" MDSi616, MSi716, MS616, MSi1013
12 1/4 in MDSi716, MDSi816, MSi616, MDSi616, MSi619, MSi713, MDSi813, MSi519SHSPX, MSi519, MSi816, MDSi516, MDSi416, MSi716, MDSi519, MSi519T, MSi516, MDSi613, MS613, MSi613, SSi516, SSi616, MST1513, SDSi619, MSi813, MDSi619, MSi719, MST813, SDSi616, MS616, MDSi713, SSi716
13 1/8 in MSi616
13 1/2 in MSi616, MSi816, SDSi616
14 1/2 in MDSi616
14 3/4 in MDSi716, MDSi619, MDSi813, MS419, MDSi616, MDSi819
15 1/2 in SSi616
16" MSi616, MSi916, MS616, SDSi616, MDSi716, MDSi619, MDSi616, MSi816, MSi713, SDSi519, MSi716
16 1/2 in MDSi716, MS519, MSi616
17" SDSi816, MDSi616, MSi816
17 1/4 in MS716
17 1/2 in MDSi716, SDSi816, SDSi716, MSi716, MSi816, MSi616, MSi619, MDSi616, SDSi519, MDSi816, SSi616, SSi716
18 1/8 in MDSi816
18 1/2 in MDSi616, MDSi819, MDSi816
20" SSi619
22" SSi619, SSi916
23" SSi619
26" SSi619

Starc Saves USD 3.5 Million Using SHARC PDC Bit

Integrated drillbit design platform enables BHA to drill additional 220 m and complete section 3.5 days ahead of schedule. Read case study


SHARC Nomenclature
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