Viking Drill Bits

Precise cutting structure and hydraulics for Russian applications

Viking Bits has developed a line of PDC bits with a cutting structure and hydraulic configuration specifically designed to deliver outstanding drilling performance in Russia. The aggressive cutting structures of standard PDC bits generate too much torque for lower-powered kelly rigs that are often used in Russia, and the nozzle configurations do not produce enough hydraulic horsepower to adequately clean the bit face, resulting in poor ROP and frequent bit trips.

Application-specific PDC with excellent directional stability

From our Viking Bits facility in Russia, we use an extensive knowledge of local lithology and premium materials to design and manufacture steel or matrix-body bits. The unique cutting structure enables our PDC bits to drill efficiently, despite low torque and hydraulic power. This makes them especially suitable for land drilling operations in Russia.

Viking Bits can also design PDCs for use with positive displacement motors or rotary steerable systems (RSS). Whether it is a vertical or horizontal application, Viking Bits PDC bits provide excellent drilling performance and directional stability.

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Viking PDC Bits Set New Benchmark in Siberia

Viking Drill Bit
Running Viking Bits ViM613 matrix-body PDC bits saved the operator 6 rig days on three wells in Siberia’s Kogalymskoe field. Read case study


Viking bit nomenclature
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