Roller Cone Bits

Customizable, reliable, durable TCI and milled tooth bits

Smith Bits is a leading manufacturer of an extensive range of roller cone drill bits that provide superior drilling performance. These include premium tungsten carbide insert (TCI) bits and milled tooth (MT) bits designed to withstand high temperatures and endure long run time while drilling through soft to ultrahard formations. Select from a spectrum of industry-leading reliability, durability, and cutting efficiency options tailored for your specific applications.  

Xplorer Premium Roller Cone Drill Bits

Performance begins with designing each bit using the proprietary IDEAS integrated dynamic design and analysis platform to ensure optimal drilling dynamics. Crucial to the resulting bit design are the various components that make up the bit. We engineer these individual parts and subassemblies, incorporating advanced materials and features to provide the borehole penetration you need to make your total depth in less time.

Xtra Standard Roller Cone Bits

Individual cutting structures are designed for these roller cone drill bits, along with a complete line of inserts, insert grades, and geometric enhancements that reduce breakage, maintain full gauge longer, and maximize drilling performance for the entire run. Cone shell wear and associated insert loss is reduced, allowing the main cutting structure to perform better.

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Geothermal Bit Technology
For Longer Runs

Kaldera High-temperature Roller Cone Drill Bit
Roller cone bit technology for geothermal application significantly increases on-bottom drilling hours.