Drilling Fluid Products

Oil-, synthetic-, and water-base additives that address all downhole problems

Our custom-formulated fluid systems and additives help operators enhance drilling efficiency while decreasing costs and mitigating HSE impact. With a suite of filtercake breakers, corrosion inhibitors, shale inhibitors, and much more, M-I SWACO has the extensive portfolio of advanced solutions and in-depth expertise to help you meet your operational goals—no matter the job’s challenge, location, or size.

Alkalinity Control

Adjust and regulate the degree of acidity or alkalinity of drilling fluids.


Corrosion Inhibitors

Mitigate corrosion, neutralize hazardous acid gas, and prevent the formation of production-impairing scale.


Counteract the formation of foam, which can negatively impact the production process as a result of liquid carryover.

Emulsifiers and Wetting Agents

Filtration Reducers


Foaming Agents

Lost Circulation Materials


Reduce the coefficient of friction to minimize torque and drag while drilling with water-base fluid.

Pipe-Freeing Agents

Free pipe with spotting or soaking agents for all types of drilling fluids.

Scale Inhibitors

Inhibit the deposition of mineral scales.


Shale Inhibitors


Temperature Stabilizers

Thinners & Dispersants

Help modify the relationship between the viscosity and percentage of solids in drilling fluids.


Maximize contact with formation waters to improve water-sampling performance.


Improve the hole-cleaning and solids-suspension capability of drilling fluids.

Weighting Agents

Control formation pressures, prevent formation caving, and facilitate the pulling of dry pipe.

Wellbore Strengthening Materials

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