Corrosion Inhibitors

We offer amine- and phosphorus-base products as well as other specially engineered chemicals that control corrosion, neutralize hazardous acid gas, and prevent scale.

CONQOR corrosion inhibitors

This suite of products helps prevent corrosion on casing, tubing, and downhole tools.

SULFATREAT DFS drilling fluid system iron-oxide hydrogen sulfide adsorbent

This adsorbent is safer, faster, and more cost effective than zinc compounds and reduces the apprehension associated with drilling in hydrogen sulfide environments.

OS-1L sulfite-base oxygen scavenger

Continuously injected at the pump suction, this scavenger removes oxygen from the drilling or completion fluid while circulating.


This extended-life iron oxide–based H2S adsorbent is easy to handle and backed by an industry-leading performance warranty.


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