Filtration Reducers

M-I SWACO offers a complete line of chemicals used to reduce fluid loss to the formation caused by the liquid phase of the drilling fluid. Our filtration reducers can be formulated to work effectively in bottomhole temperatures as high as 500 degF [260 degC].

ECOTROL filtration-control additive

These environmentally acceptable additives boost HSE profiles.

MEGATROL readily dispersable filtration reducer

Effective in 100% diesel oil–base applications and in temperatures up to 350 degF [177 degC], this filtration reducer provides HPHT fluid loss control at low concentrations.

ONE-TROL HT high-temperature filtration control agent

Applicable to all oil- and synthetic-base systems, this high-temperature filtration control agent easily disperses for efficient, effective filtration control.

FLO-PLEX fluid loss control agent

In contrast with conventional anionic additives, this agent will not destroy low-end rheology.

HIBTROL modified metal cellulose polymer filtration reducer

This filtration reducer provides cuttings encapsulation, filtration control, and improved shale inhibition.

M-I GEL viscosifier

These premium-grade bentonites are used as a primary filtercake‐building, filtration‐control, and suspension agent in freshwater systems and can be used in all water‐base mud systems.

M-I PAC polyanionic-cellulose filtration-control additive

These additives attach and encapsulate drill solids, helping to control dispersion.

NOVATEC F filtration-control additive

Used as a fluid-loss reducer in the NOVATEC synthetic drilling fluid system, this additive helps rapidly reduce HPHT filtration, even when used at relatively low concentration levels.

POLYPAC water-base-mud filtrate control additive

This polyanionic cellulose is a high‐quality, water‐soluble polymer designed to control fluid loss and increase viscosity in water‐base muds.

POLY-SAL preserved-modified-starch filtration-control additive

This starch reduces filtration to provide rheology stability in all makeup waters, including high-salinity and high-hardness brines.

RESINEX high-temperature stabilizer and fluid loss control resonated lignite

This lignite is effective in high-temperature reservoirs.

SP-101 water-base-mud fluid loss control additive

Used for reducing fluid loss in freshwater and seawater muds, this additive has a high temperature rating and is not subject to bacterial degradation.

SureTrol polymeric filtration-control additive

This synthetic polymer provides viscosifying and bridging functions for cost-effective fluid loss control.

TANNATHIN thinner and fluid loss control ground lignite

Composed of naturally occurring material, this ground lignite is used to deflocculate water‐base muds and deliver thin, low‐permeability filtercakes.

THERMPAC UL high-temperature fluid loss control agent

Exclusively offered by M‐I SWACO, this HT agent controls fluid loss in a wide variety of drilling fluids with a minimal increase in viscosity.

UNIPAC SUPREME water-base-mud filtrate control additive

These polyanionic cellulose products are designed to control fluid loss and promote shale stabilization in water‐base muds.

UNITROL polysaccharide-base fluid loss control agent

This agent generates less viscosity compared with regular-viscosity products.

VERSALIG amine-treated lignite filtration reducer

An effective alternative to asphalt and gilsonite, this filtration reducer is effective in all oil- and synthetic-base drilling fluids.

VERSATROL asphaltic resin

This resin is used for HPHT filtration control, often to seal low‐pressure and depleted formations.

VERT-TROL asphaltic fluid loss additive

This additive is used to seal low-pressure and depleted formations and is compatible with all oil-base systems.

Other products

  • CAUSTILIG causticized lignite filtration reducer
  • MY-LO-JEL pregelatinized cornstarch system
  • SureTrol polymeric filtration-control additive

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