M-I SWACO offers a range of chemical products formulated to reduce the coefficient of friction (COF) of drilling fluids, helping you minimize torque and drag, reduce stuck pipe risk, and increase ROP.

Bakken Xpress harsh brine drilling fluids lubricant

This brine lubricant provides outstanding lubricity in produced water and brine fluids and reduces metal-to-metal and metal-to-wellbore friction.


This brine lubricant is a nonsulfur surfactant blend developed for use in drilling fluids and brines to decrease the coefficient of friction, thus reducing torque and drag.

HydraSpeed ROP-enhancing primary lubricant

This primary lubricant for the HydraGlyde high-performance water-based drilling fluid system reduces torque and drag on the drillstring and is rated to 350 degF [176.7 degC].

RAPID SLIDE oil-base-mud lubricant

This lubricant reduces the COF in synthetic- and oil-base drilling fluids, thereby reducing torque, drag, and differential sticking potential.

LUBE OB oil-dispersible lubricant

This oil-soluble additive is specifically engineered for use in all invert-emulsion drilling fluids to decrease the COF.

STARGLIDE ROP-enhancing lubricant

In field applications, this lubricant has reduced friction coefficients up to 35%.

M-I LUBE general-purpose lubricant

By minimizing the possibility of differential sticking, this lubricant is advantageous in extended-reach, deviated, and horizontal wells.

LUBE 776 water-dispersible lubricant

This lubricant can help reduce rotary torque readings by as much as 33%.

DRIL-FREE high-performance lubricant and antisticking agent

This agent reduces the risk of differential sticking by lowering the filtercake thickness, reducing the COF of the filtercake, and minimizing the yield strength of the cake.

IDLUBE XL extreme-pressure lubricant

Imparting lubricity and reducing the COF between the drillstring and wallcake, this lubricant minimizes bit balling and reduces torque and drag.

LOTORQ torque- and drag-reducing lubricant

This lubricant reduces COF by up to 45%.

LUBE 100 low-toxicity, water-dispersible lubricant

Acceptable for most situations specifying a low-toxicity lubricant, this lubricant is especially useful for preventing stick/slip when sliding without rotation.

LUBE 167 low-toxicity, water-dispersible lubricant

Containing no hydrocarbons, this lubricant lowers torque and drag in the wellbore.

LUBE 1722 water-dispersible lubricant

This lubricant is specifically designed for use in freshwater, seawater, and brine applications.

LUBE 945 water-dispersible lubricant

Compatible for offshore use, this lubricant contains no hydrocarbons and features a unique wettability characteristic that lowers the potential for BHA accretion.

SILDRIL EPL torque, drag, and differential sticking reduction agent

Designed for use in the SILDRIL silicate-base drilling fluid system, this agent is proved to reduce friction coefficients by as much as 35%.

STEEL LUBE EP extreme-pressure lubricant

This lubricant reduces the COF on metal-to-metal contact areas.

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  • VERSALUBE oil-soluble lubricant

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