Shale Inhibitors

Our portfolio of specially engineered additives is designed to inhibit reactive shales in water-base drilling systems and reservoir drill-in fluids. Our shale inhibitors are designed to enhance drillability while maintaining low toxicity for environmental acceptability.

HydraHib shale inhibitor

A component of the HydraGlyde high-performance water-based drilling fluid system, this shale inhibitor intercalates and reduces the space between clay platelets so that water molecules will not penetrate and cause swelling.

HydraCap encapsulating additive

Another component of the HydraGlyde system, this low-molecular-weight additive adsorbs onto clay and forms a protective film that prevents sticking.

KLA-STOP liquid polyamine shale additive

This additive prevents water uptake by clays and provides superior cuttings integrity.

ULTRAHIB shale inhibitor

The primary shale inhibitor in the ULTRADRIL high-performance water-base drilling fluid system, this inhibitor can be added directly to the mud system with no effect on viscosity or filtration properties.

ASPHASOL sulfonated shale inhibitors

These shale inhibitors help stabilize shale sections, control solids dispersion, and improve wallcake characteristics.

GLYDRIL advanced polyglycol system

This family of polyglycol systems features a broad cloud-point and molecular-weight range to accommodate low-, medium-, and high-salinity polyglycol systems.

IDCAP D polymeric shale inhibitor

This low-molecular-weight polymeric shale inhibitor contributes minimally to viscosity and enhances filtration properties.

KLA-CAP low-molecular-weight shale inhibitor

This low-molecular-weight shale inhibitor is effective in highly inhibitive water-base drilling fluids.

KLA-CURE hydration suppressant

This suite of water-soluble, environmentally acceptable hydration suppressants is designed to reduce the dispersion and swelling of reactive clay formations.

KLA-GARD shale stabilizer and inhibitor system

This system reduces the swelling of sensitive shales and drill cuttings exposed to water-base drilling fluids.

POLY-PLUS high-molecular-weight liquid clay inhibitor

This suite of additives controls swelling clays and inhibits clay hydration.

POROSEAL copolymeric filtration-control sealing additive

This unique additive provides permeability plugging to effectively seal shales and filtercakes.

SILDRIL wellbore stabilizer

SILDRIL D dry sodium silicate

This silicate is used for chemical wellbore stabilization.

SILDRIL K potassium silicate

This silicate is used for chemical wellbore stabilization.

TARCLEAN anticrete agent

A powerful solvent for removing tar and heavy oil, this agent features a citrus odor that makes it more pleasant to use than many alternatives.

ULTRACAP ULTRADRIL system encapsulating shale inhibitor

For use in the ULTRADRIL high-performance water-base drilling fluid system, this shale inhibitor is designed to achieve exceptional cuttings encapsulation and clay dispersion inhibition.

KLA-HIB amine-base shale inhibitor

This amine-base shale inhibitor manages dilution.

KLAFLOC shale inhibitors

Used in polymer-base drilling and drill-in fluids, these inhibitors help enhance cuttings integrity.

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