M-I SWACO has developed an extensive line of surfactants—also referred to as surface-active agents—that reduce interfacial tension between water/oil, water/solid, water/air, and other contacting surfaces. Our portfolio of HSE-acceptable surfactants includes emulsifiers, wetting agents, and inhibitive agents.

DRILZONE ROP-enhancing surfactant

Specifically designed to improve ROP in water-base mud systems, this surfactant is especially effective when run with PDC bits.

CLEAN UP rig cleaning agent

This heavy-duty, low-sudsing agent is effective in a variety of scenarios—from general rig and engine cleanup to specialized cuttings wash solutions for oil-base muds.

D-D drilling detergent

This detergent reduces the surface tension of all water-base mud systems and decreases the sticking tendency of water-sensitive shale cuttings.

DRIL-KLEEN concentrated, low-toxicity, mild drilling detergent surfactant

This surfactant coats drill cuttings and metal surfaces to reduce the sticking tendency of hydratable shales.

SWA EH invert-emulsion wetting agent

This powerful wetting agent helps prevent water wetting of solids.

ULTRAFREE ROP-enhancing surfactant

Specifically designed to improve ROP in the ULTRADRIL high-performance water-base drilling fluid system, this surfactant effectively keeps the bit free of solids and lowers torque and drag.

DRILZONE L low-cost surfactant

Specially designed for onshore drilling, this cost-effective surfactant improves ROP in water-base mud systems, especially when run with PDC bits.

VERSACOAT oil-base mud emulsifier and surfactant

This surfactant helps improve thermal stability and HPHT filtration control over a wide temperature range.

SUREWET RHELIANT system invert-emulsion system surfactant

This surfactant improves thermal stability and HPHT filtration control.

VERSAWET oil-base mud surfactant

This concentrated, powerful surfactant is used primarily in relaxed‐fluid‐loss, low‐lime oil mud systems.

Other products

  • SCREENKLEEN screen-blinding prevention system
  • Drilling fluids wash
  • ECOKLEEN tar-application surfactant
  • NOVAWET thermally stable synthetic-mud surfactant
  • PA-10 lubricant and antiaccretion additive

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