Temperature Stabilizers

We offer an assortment of additives designed to increase the rheological and filtration stability of drilling fluids and to improve the thermal stability in higher-temperature environments. Our temperature stabilizers include synthetic polymers that are thermally stable up to 400 degF [204 degC].

CALOTHIN HPHT rheology-stabilizing additive

In addition to its thinning effect, this additive is also used to effectively reduce fluid loss.

CALOSPERSE chrome-free high-temperature additive

This additive is specially formulated to improve rheology control.

PTS-200 polymer temperature stabilizer

This product effectively reduces the degradation of polymers at higher thermal conditions, thereby allowing polymer fluids to be used effectively in wellbores with higher bottomhole temperature gradients.

XP-20 chrome lignite additives

An excellent choice for HPHT filtration control, these additives deliver high-quality shale inhibition.

Other products

  • GLYDRIL DG water-miscible polyglycol

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