Thinners & Dispersants

M-I SWACO offers a line of thinners and dispersants that are specially designed to modify the relationship between the viscosity and percentage of solids in drilling fluids. We provide thinners for most water-, oil-, and synthetic-base drilling fluids.

SURETHIN thinner system

Used with synthetic-base mud systems, this thinner system reduces viscosity and gel strengths in the mud without the need for dilution or changing the synthetic/water ratio.

RHEDUCE thinner and conditioner dispersant

This dispersant is used in the RHELIANT PLUS organophilic, thermally stable, flat-rheology invert-emulsion drilling fluid system to reduce overall viscosity and gel strengths.

RHEFLAT PLUS gallant and rheological modifier

This product enhances the rheology profile while minimizing viscosity increases in low-temperature environments and deepwater applications.

K-17 potassium-causticized lignite

This product provides shale control and filtration benefits.

CALOSPERSE chrome-free high-temperature additive

This additive improves rheology in the ENVIROTHERM NT chrome-free water-base drilling fluid system.

IDSPERSE XT high-temperature polymeric thinner

This HT thinner is not affected by calcium contamination and high salt levels.

RHEOCHEK chrome-free lignosulfonate

Effective in all water-base mud systems, this lignosulfonate reduces and stabilizes viscosity and gel strengths.

VERSATHIN oil-base mud dispersant

Used as a thinner and conditioner in oil-base drilling fluid systems, this dispersant reduces viscosity and gel strengths without requiring dilution or changing the oil/water ratio.

SPERSENE chrome lignosulfonate

For use in all water‐base systems, this lignosulfonate reduces gel strength, stabilizes temperatures, and controls filtration.

TACKLE low-molecular-weight polymer additive

Available in liquid and dry formulas, these additives deflocculate from the surface to TD

  • Product sheet: TACKLE

THINSMART water-base drilling fluid thinner

This thinner controls the rheological and fluid-loss properties of water-base fluids.

XP-20N neutralized chrome lignite sodium hydroxide additive

For use in all water-base muds, this additive is designed to be a thinner, fluid stabilizer, and fluid-loss-reducing agent

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