Thinners & Dispersants

M-I SWACO offers a line of thinners and dispersants that are specially designed to modify the relationship between the viscosity and percentage of solids in drilling fluids. We provide thinners for most water-, oil-, and synthetic-base drilling fluids.

RHEDUCE thinner and conditioner dispersant

This dispersant is used to reduce overall viscosity and gel strengths.

RHEFLAT PLUS gallant and rheological modifier

This product enhances the rheology profile while minimizing viscosity increases in low-temperature environments and deepwater applications.

K-17 potassium-causticized lignite

This product provides shale control and filtration benefits.

CALOSPERSE chrome-free high-temperature additive

This additive improves rheology in the ENVIROTHERM NT chrome-free water-base drilling fluid system.

RHEOCHEK chrome-free lignosulfonate

Effective in all water-base mud systems, this lignosulfonate reduces and stabilizes viscosity and gel strengths.

VERSATHIN oil-base mud dispersant

Used as a thinner and conditioner in oil-base drilling fluid systems, this dispersant reduces viscosity and gel strengths without requiring dilution or changing the oil/water ratio.

SPERSENE chrome lignosulfonate

For use in all water‐base systems, this lignosulfonate reduces gel strength, stabilizes temperatures, and controls filtration.

THINSMART water-base drilling fluid thinner

This thinner controls the rheological and fluid-loss properties of water-base fluids.

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