M-I SWACO offers an extensive suite of viscosifiers designed to increase the viscosity of water-, oil-, and synthetic-base drilling fluids. We provide a variety of clay, polymer, and biopolymer viscosifiers to improve the hole-cleaning and solids-suspension capabilities of drilling fluids.

RHEBUILD RHELIANT system viscosifier

This viscosifier provides solids suspension during transportation to the rig site.

SUREMOD invert-emulsion system viscosifier

Used in synthetic-base mud systems, this viscosifier increases low-shear-rate viscosities and gel strengths for improved hole cleaning.

DUO-VIS biopolymer viscosifier

With the unique ability to produce a fluid that is highly shear-thinning and thixotropic, this additive increases carrying capacity in water-base systems.

DRILPLEX mixed metal oxide water-base drilling fluid system

This system delivers unequaled solids suspension that screens easily—even at high flow rates.

DUO-TEC dispersible nonclarified xanthan gum viscosifier

This technical-grade viscosifier provides viscosity, including low-shear-rate viscosity, and weight-material suspension for any type of mud system.

GELEX bentonite extender

With the capability of doubling bentonite yield, this bentonite extender is able to maintain a given viscosity with half the amount of conventional clay solids while causing drilled solids to agglomerate and settle out.

GELITE high-yield clay

Specifically ground for the drilling industry, this clay has a high yield point which enables a higher carrying capacity at lower annular velocities than bentonite clay.

GELPLEX water-base complexing agent and viscosifier

For use in the DRILPLEX water-base drilling fluid system, this product adsorbs onto hydrated clay platelets to form a strong, stable complex.

NOVATEC synthetic drilling fluid system

This drilling fluid system can be engineered with different densities to work effectively in a range of applications.

Guar gum

This rapidly mixing, high-viscosity polymer is effective in freshwater and seawater spud.

HRP oil-fluids liquid viscosifier

This versatile viscosifier is frequently used to increase the hole-cleaning capacity for sweeps in directional or horizontal wells and for gelling freshly prepared muds being transported to the well.

M-I GEL SUPREME nontreated bentonite

This bentonite is used as a primary filtercake-building, filtration control, and suspension agent in freshwater and other water-base mud systems.

M-I GEL WYOMING bentonite

This premium-grade Wyoming bentonite yields 91–100 bbl of 15-cP mud per ton.

VERSAGEL HT high-temperature viscosifier

This viscosifier is used in oil-base, synthetic-base, and paraffin-base drilling fluid systems with high‐temperature requirements.

RHEFLAT rheological modifier

This modifier enhances the rheology profile while minimizing viscosity increases in low-temperature environments and deepwater applications.

RHETHIK RHELIANT system rheological modifying viscosifier

This viscosifier for the RHELIANT thermally stable, flat-rheology drilling fluid system improves sag control.

TRUVIS TRUDRIL system viscosifier

This viscosifier for the TRUDRIL water-free all-oil-base drilling fluid system yields rapidly—even under low-shear conditions

VERSAMOD rheology oil-base mud viscosifier

This viscosifier increases low‐shear‐rate viscosities and gel strengths for improved hole cleaning in large-diameter, high-angle, horizontal, and extended-reach wells.

VG-69 organophilic clay

This clay is used to increase carrying capacity and suspension properties, providing support for weight materials and improved cuttings removal.

Other products

  • DUROGEL sepiolite clay viscosifier
  • SUREVIS polymeric viscosifier
  • DURAMOD high-performance rheology modifier
  • ECOGREEN M multifunctional aliphatic ester additive
  • SURETHIKrheology-modifying synthetic-base-mud viscosifier
  • Salt gel


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