Weighting Agents

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M-I SWACO provides barite, hematite, and calcium carbonate materials to impart density to all water-base and invert-emulsion drilling fluids. Weighting agents are used to control formation pressures, prevent formation caving, and facilitate the pulling of dry pipe.

M-I WATE high-quality barite

This barite is the most widely used weighting material for applicability in all drilling fluid systems. It meets all API specifications for barite except density.

MicroBar micronized weighting additive

By using controlled particle size distribution, this weighting additive increases the weight of high-density nonaqueous fluids while reducing barite sag as compared with fluids formulated with API drilling-grade barite.

WARP advanced fluids technology

This fluid technology ensures low-rheology drilling fluids without barite sag by creating exceptionally stable fluid properties through micrometer-sized weighting materials that are 10 times smaller than drilling-grade barite.

FER-OX hematite weighting agent

This weighting agent has a high specific gravity, resulting in lower solids content and often a higher ROP compared with barite mud.

M-I BAR barite

This drilling-grade barite is used to increase the density of drilling fluids.

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