Wellbore Strengthening Materials

M-I SWACO continues to lead the way in product innovations that help operators strengthen unstable wellbores, minimize lost circulation, and mitigate other issues that can jeopardize project efficiency and economics.

Our products help improve hole cleaning and ECD management while reducing torque, drag, and the risk of hole erosion. Additionally, our materials can be deployed with the use of software programs that provide immediate information to avoid and eliminate drilling complications.

FybeCarb high-efficiency, acid soluble, single-sack loss-prevention and remedial material

This material comprises acid-soluble marble and fiber to help prevent and cure lost circulation events with a lower load of materials compared with conventional blends.

G-SEAL PLUS industrial carbon and graphite bridging agent

This agent seals permeable and fractured formations to control seepage losses, reducing the risk of differential sticking.

OPTISEAL wellbore strengthening material blend

This family of wellbore-strengthening material blends can plug fracture apertures of up to 1,200 um in addition to providing good fluid loss control in moderate- to high-permeability formations.

VINSEAL filtration control and electrical stability lost circulation material

Available in fine, medium, and coarse grades, this material helps to reduce fluid loss, enhance filtercake quality, and minimize differential-pressure sticking tendencies.

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