Drilling Fluid Systems

Next-generation solutions for onshore and offshore drilling

M-I SWACO customized engineered drilling fluid systems and additives help operators increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and minimize HSE impact in a range of challenging environments, both onshore and offshore, all around the globe.

Fluid and additive solutions for a variety of drilling challenges

We were the first company to introduce cost-effective, high-efficiency micronized barite technology to water- and oil-base drilling fluids. Today, we continue our commitment to developing next-generation drilling fluid systems that can handle complex drilling environments, including HPHT, deepwater, shale gas, and heavy oil wells.

Complementing our drilling fluid systems are specialized additives that target performance-hindering downhole problems that drive up costs and threaten drilling programs.

Lowered costs and maximized production

We customize our base fluids and additives for a range of specific well construction needs and to align with operators’ objectives. Custom-engineered fluids help our customers more efficiently maintain wellbore stability, optimize ROP, and decrease NPT.

Water-Base Drilling Fluid Systems

Nonaqueous Fluid Systems

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