Nonaqueous Fluid Systems

Oil-Base Drilling Fluid Systems

Unmatched inhibition and thermal stability for onshore and offshore shelf drilling

For the highest degree of inhibition and thermal stability, the M-I SWACO suite of oil-base drilling fluid systems are designed for a range of demanding applications. Our portfolio includes oil-base drilling fluids engineered specifically for technically challenging applications, including onshore and offshore shelf operations.

Customized fluids for conventional and unconventional drilling

Depending on the application, our oil-base fluids can be formulated with a variety of base oils, including low-toxicity mineral oil. Our customized oil-base drilling fluids consistently deliver high-performance results in both conventional and unconventional drilling applications.

Superior performance for wellbore integrity, optimized operations, and cost savings

The M-I SWACO suite of oil-base fluids continually and consistently provides customized formulas that maintain wellbore integrity, delivering high ROP, reducing NPT, and tolerating contaminants. Our oil-base systems have exceptional HPHT stability and include excellent lubricity that bolsters performance and helps lower project costs.

Synthetic-Base Drilling Fluid Systems

Industry-leading synthetic-base fluids for worldwide drilling challenges

Backed by an unparalleled commitment to R&D, M-I SWACO designs and engineers synthetic-base drilling fluid systems that provide the ultimate balance between environmental acceptability and high performance in demanding applications. We were the first to develop a synthetic-base drilling fluid system that exhibits the highest level of drilling and environmental performance.

Stability in deep water with superior environmental performance

A key advantage of our synthetic-base drilling fluids for deep water is the capacity to meet appropriate regulations for discharge where permissible. Formulated with various blends of synthetic fluids, our premium offerings provide an extremely stable physical and chemical medium ideally suited for deep water while also delivering superior environmental performance compared with traditional fluid systems.

Continued advancements in synthetic-base systems

With drilling applications becoming more complex and environmental regulations increasing, the M-I SWACO line of synthetic-base drilling fluids continues to advance. Innovations include next-generation fluid systems that provide constant rheological profiles independent of changing deepwater temperatures and pressures, ensuring easier management of equivalent circulating densities (ECD) in narrow drilling windows.









The RheGuard system is a cost-effective solution to lower ECD and sag potential in wells drilled in critical hydraulic windows. 



WARP Advanced Fluids Technology

The low rheological profile of a WARP fluids technology-enhanced drilling fluid significantly improves hole cleaning by effectively removing any cuttings buildup on the lower side of the hole. In addition, the low rheologies clear the way for better control and management of ECD by actually reducing ECD values. Comparatively lower pump pressures also reduce pressure spikes during tripping and running casing.

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