Pioneering synthetic-base drilling fluid minimizes losses, bolsters deepwater exploration

The NOVAPLUS synthetic-base drilling fluid from M-I SWACO is one of the forerunners of today’s advanced fluid systems designed specifically for deep water. The low-viscosity, internal-olefin-base NOVAPLUS drilling fluid is ideally suited for use in drilling programs in deep water and environmentally sensitive areas.

Allowable permit discharges and high ROP

The NOVAPLUS system allows for discharge where permitted, while its performance enables higher ROP and helps protect against downhole risks. The fluid improves hole cleaning and minimizes gas hydrate risks while lowering the potential for lost circulation and improving overall drilling economics.

High-lubricity and wellbore stability

With the use of this proven fluid, well operators experience stable wellbores and a reduced number of stuck-pipe occurrences that drive up costs and threaten drilling campaigns. The NOVAPLUS system provides a high degree of lubricity and has an adjustable rheological profile compatible with a wide range of drilling fluid properties and densities. It consistently demonstrates excellent temperature stability.

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