PARATHERM Invert-Emulsion Drilling Fluid System

Stability at high temperatures

The PARATHERM invert-emulsion drilling fluid system with a linear paraffin-base oil provides stability at high temperatures. The PARATHERM system is field-proven to reduce high shear-rate viscosity, provide stable low-shear-rate viscosity, and reduce equivalent circulating density (ECD) and sag potential.

Outperforming conventional drilling fluid systems

The PARATHERM system is suitable for applications with narrow hydraulic windows, regardless of the expected bottomhole static temperature (BHST). In field applications, the PARATHERM system has reduced high-shear rate viscosity more than conventional systems, providing a direct benefit in reduced total system pressure loss.

Chemically stable for excellent filtration control

The PARATHERM system also has been used successfully in extended-reach drilling (ERD) wells. In addition to remaining stable in high temperatures, the PARATHERM system includes a low coefficient of friction. It is chemically stable and provides excellent filtration control.

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