RHADIANT Drilling Fluid System


Filtration-control synthetic co-polymer can be used in all oilor synthetic-base mud systems.

This product has been designed to be readily dispersible into a fluid system through standard mixing equipment, thus minimizing the potential for polymer 'fish-eyes'. The product provides high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) fluid loss control in extreme high temperature environments up to 260° C (500° F).


Emulsifier can be used as the primary emulsification package in all non-aqueous fluid (NAF) systems.

Provides excellent emulsion stability, preferential wetting of solids by the continuous phase, filtration control and overall system stability. MUL XT emulsifier is effective over a wide range of temperatures from low temperature to extreme temperatures.


Amine-treated tannin is a filtration-control additive designed for use in all oil and synthetic-base drilling fluid systems.

The product may be used in combination with other filtration-control additives or as an effective alternative to asphalt and gilsonite where their use is undesirable. ONETROL HT additive is compatible with other oil-base or synthetic-base additives.

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Produce Wells Faster with Ultra-High Temperature Nonaqueous Drilling Fluid

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RHADIANT Drilling Fluid Performed Beyond Expectations

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Seven openhole wireline logging runs were performed with minimal issues for over 90 hrs of static condition and no drilling or lost circulation problems were encountered and drilling performance was up to the expectations.
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