Water-Base Drilling Fluid Systems

High-performing water-base systems with minimized HSE impact

M-I SWACO develops a comprehensive range of water-base drilling fluids that deliver cost-effective, efficient performance with minimized environmental impact. Our suite of environmentally conscious innovations help operators meet their goals while working within increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Water-base systems with oil-base inhibition performance

M-I SWACO next-generation water-base fluid systems allow operators to cut costs and reduce NPT in environmentally sensitive areas that often include highly reactive shales. For example, we designed and engineered a high-performance water-base fluid that approaches the inhibitive characteristics of an oil-base drilling fluid.

Stability and consistent performance in high temperatures

Our advanced suite of aqueous fluids includes products that remain stable in downhole environments where temperatures exceed 500 degF [260 degC] and in other complex conditions and applications, including lost circulation zones, unconsolidated formations, casing-milling operations, CT, and high-angle and horizontal wells.



The water-based chemistry of the DRILPLEX drilling fluid system minimizes environmental problems and related costs, and its capacity to reduce torque and drag also reduces the risks of hole erosion by generating flow that is low to zero across the wellbore. The bentonite/MMO complex of the DRILPLEX system helps deliver an exceptional rheological profile.





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