DRILPLEX Water-Base Drilling Fluid System

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Exceptional rheological properties lower costs in a wide range of wells

The DRILPLEX system, the current generation of mixed-metal oxide (MMO) products, is a water-base drilling fluid system with unequaled solids suspension that still screens easily, even at high flow rates. The DRILPLEX system is ideal for an array of applications. Its water-base chemistry reduces costs and environmental impact, minimizes torque and drag, and limits the chance of hole erosion because it provides low to zero flow across the wellbore cross section.

Stabilizing weak rock formations

The flow profile of the fluid in the annulus enables the DRILPLEX system to stabilize mechanically weak and poorly consolidated formations. The high viscosity of the fluid at low shear rates results in a stationary layer of fluid on the sides of the wellbore. This protective layer shields weak rock formations from erosion caused by the flow. The capacity of the fluid to stabilize these weak and unconsolidated formations is enhanced by the lower pump rates used with the DRILPLEX system.

Environmentally conscious fluid system

The basic system contains essentially no components that can harm the environment; all its components are virtually non-toxic, with low concentration of organic material. The primary fluid-loss control additive is a starch derivative for minimal environmental impact.

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