High-temperature water-base drilling fluid with superior inhibition

The DURATHERM drilling fluid system from M-I SWACO is a low-colloid, contaminant-resistant water-base drilling fluid that provides superior performance and stability in temperatures exceeding 500 degF [260 degC]. DURATHERM has proved repeatedly its effectiveness in minimizing clay migration and swelling.

Reduce costs, improve solids removal, and minimize formation damage

In HPHT applications, the DURATHERM system helps deliver high ROP and reduced drilling costs by improving solids removal capability while minimizing formation damage.

Improved hole cleaning and excellent clay inhibition

In addition to superb inhibition, the system provides excellent hole cleaning and a high degree of clay inhibition, reducing torque and drag associated with swelling clays. Despite often-hostile downhole conditions, DURATHERM can often be completely reused on subsequent wells.

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