ENVIROTHERM NT Chrome-Free Water-Base Drilling Fluid System

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High bottomhole temperature resistance

The ENVIROTHERM NT drilling fluid system meets simultaneous demands for a single drilling-fluid system that is chrome-free for environmental reasons, can resist bottomhole temperatures in excess of 450 degF (232 degC), and uses water-base chemistry.

Stable properties during prolonged static conditions

The field-proven, HPHT water-base fluid maintains stable properties while drilling and during the prolonged static conditions experienced during tripping, logging, and testing operations. The ENVIROTHERM NT system is characterized by low, stable rheological properties and low HPHT fluid loss. The system minimizes hole problems and provides shale inhibition and resistance to contamination for extreme conditions of density and temperature.

Environmentally acceptable worldwide

The chemistry of the ENVIROTHERM NT system as a water-base, chrome-free fluid makes it environmentally acceptable worldwide. The system is stable in the presence of contamination from soluble calcium, salts and acid gases, and can be used at temperatures in excess of 450 degF (232 degC) and densities up to 19 ppg.

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