HydraGlyde High-Performance Water-Based Drilling Fluid System

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Cost-effective solution for land shale wells in environmentally sensitive areas

The engineering flexibility of the HydraGlyde system helps operators quickly and successfully address the challenges of shale plays, including their economic and environmental constraints. Its novel, low-cost chemistry reduces torque, drag, shale swelling, and dispersion.

Gliding Through Extended Laterals with Water-Based Fluids

New high-performance water-based drilling fluid system is a cost-effective option for shale wells with high-angle build and long lateral sections.
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Impressive performance

The HydraGlyde system delivers an oil-base mud–comparable rate of penetration (ROP), exceptional hole cleaning, and superb wellbore stability in high-angle build and long-lateral sections. This is possible with the novel HydraSpeed ROP-enhancing primary lubricant, which delivers exceptional lubricity and mimics oil-base mud. The system also delivers a high-quality filtercake and a low-tortuosity wellbore that minimizes the risks of differential sticking.

Tackles a variety of challenges

The cost-effective HydraGlyde system addresses the challenges often associated with shales, including gumbo accretion in the surface hole, wellbore instability, mud losses in the intermediate section, solids buildup, and hole cleaning in the horizontal section. HydraHib shale inhibitor provides an amine-base additive for a high degree of wellbore stability and HydraCap encapsulator minimizes clay dispersion and enhances wellbore integrity.

HydraGlyde Fluid System

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HydraGlyde receives the 2016 World Oil Awards Best Drilling and Completions Fluids Award

HydraGlyde System Improves ROP 16%

The HydraGlyde system is a cost-effective solution for land shale wells in environmentally sensitive areas.
Using the Hydraglyde system, an operator drilled an 8 1/ 2-in production interval in 3.5 days and increased ROP 16% compared with previous inhibitive WBM applications.
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Transform Environmental and Economic Performance

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