Drilling Fluid Solutions

Customized, engineered solutions for optimal drilling efficiency, lower operating costs, and minimal HSE impact—for a variety of drilling challenges

M-I SWACO tailored drilling fluid solutions help operators address the industry’s most demanding applications. From HPHT environments in deep water to unconventional onshore drilling in environmentally sensitive basins, our customized suite of fluid products, additives, and software systems can help customers meet their objectives despite the complexity of technical challenges.

Fluid systems for a variety of conditions

Our drilling fluid solutions are designed with optimized thermal stability and enhanced gel structure for consistent performance in challenging applications, including extended-reach drilling (ERD), frigid arctic conditions, sensitive environments, and difficult unconventional drilling operations.

Innovative software solutions

M-I SWACO engineering software provides a suite of options that can help mitigate downhole complications before conditions lead to wellbore damage and HSE issues. Our software products can monitor real-time downhole conditions and display results in the industry’s first interactive 3D visualization of the inside of a wellbore.

Deepwater Drilling

Extended-Reach Drilling

Arctic Drilling

HPHT Drilling

Wellbore Strengthening / Lost Circulation

Unconventional Drilling

Sensitive Environments

Engineering Software

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HPHT Solutions: Trusted to Handle the Heat and Pressure

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As temperature and pressure rise M‑I SWACO can help you meet the challenges of extremely high temperatures and pressures.
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Expanding Boundaries in Deepwater

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From the Lower Tertiary in the Gulf of Mexico to the pre-salt areas of Brazil and West Africa, drilling deeper wells at greater water depths presents formidable technological challenges.
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